Custom tiled walk-in shower; converted from regular 30" x 60" tub

Traditional bathrooms with a tub/shower combination have become less and less desirable over the years.  The convenience and stylish look of tiled walk-in showers have become more and more popular.  

Existing regular tub (30" x 60") 













 Many elderly or disabled people have a hard time getting into tubs and often complain of the slippery surface of the tub.  

Tiled Shower Bench

A shower bench is always a helpful for those who can't stand long or just want to sit and relax. 






A waterproof tiled soap niche




A recessed soap niche is also convenient to store your soaps and shampoos out of the way.  Also placed at the right height, it can also be a place to help support oneself while showering 




A shower valve with an integral diverter valve for a separate handheld unit can allow more options to showering

3/8" clear glass shower doors

Custom frameless glass doors top the shower off with a durable, watertight, and easy to clean fixture. 

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