When most people are asked How did the remodeling project go? it is usually met with a heavy sigh and then a description of a well remembered war story begins.

You hear the stressed voice from the owner retelling how the battle progressed, starting with the nonfunctional fixtures and worn down room...

Before picture of worn down, nonfunctional bathroom (piping leaked)

...then of the unexpected findings after the dust settled.

This is an extreme case.....but this was a plumbing job done years ago replacing the original plumbing from house.  At close inspection you can see all the existing structure is compromised by the cutting of joists.

Below view of joists, after ceiling was removed in dining room. 


This is a worst case scenario of structural damage created by a previous contractor.  There was a significant slope in bathroom, but nothing that would suggest this level of structural damage.  This plumber (hack) cut all joists to get the proper slope in his piping. A professional plumber would have only drilled holes for this, not big U cuts, square holes, and complete cutting of joists


The only way to fix this issue was to run all new joists from load bearing walls, and removing the ceiling below bathroom to do so. All new horizontal plumbing and water lines were replaced, as well

Installation of new floor joists; sistering on to existing joists and spanning from each load bearing wall. Also installing headers where plumbing is needed 

A support post was used to jack up existing floor joists to level.


Not all remodeling projects turn into worst case scenarios, but it is always a good idea  to prepare for such issues. An experienced contractor will point these possible issues out to you.  If you own a 100 year old home, your bathroom(s) have most likely had some sort of updating already occur. If you notice a significant slope towards your tub, large cracks in your floor, or other settling clues, there may be some structural damage done by a previous contractor.


In the end, most home remodeling conversations end with relief  and happiness of final results