If you've been looking at tile stores and displays of showers, I don't have to tell you the infinite possibilities and patterns for tiled showers.  And the one thing you usually never see,  is a fiberglass shower pan.....

There's a good reason for that....

                                                                                                                                ugly fiberglass shower pan

                                                                                                                                ugly fiberglass shower pan

Tiled shower pans are simply more pleasing to the eye:

White hexagon porcelain tile (1" x 1")

Marble hexagon  (1" x 1")

large white porcelain hexagon 

2" x 2" brown porcelain tile

Accent border with 2" x 2" travertine

tumbled travertine shower floor

tumbled travertine 

white pebblestone with channel drain

                                                  black & white pinwheel (porcelain)


blue and white weave porcelain

marble weave

2" x 2" tumbled travertine

1" x 1" travertine with glass accents

2" x 2" black slate

tumbled dark marble

The way I ensure all my shower floors stay easy to clean and long lasting is to use a quality grout. I'm a huge fan of Quartzlock. This grout is crack and stain resistant. No sealing or future maintenance needed! 

Quartzlock urethane grout

Quartzlock urethane grout

Tiled shower floors are endless in design and with the proper installation and use of good setting materials they will stay looking great for decades. 




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